Monday, September 24,  2018

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Round Table Meeting Concerning the International Conference on Peace in the Middle East

On the 27th of June 2016, the council held a round table meeting to discuss the French initiative and regional and international stanceswhich was a result of the meeting that was held in Paris on the 3rd of June 2016 hosting 28 states including Egypt. Among the participants were the ECFA council members and a number of former Palestinian officials in the revolutionary council for the Fatah Movement and the Palestinian National Authority.  

The meeting adjourned with the following conclusions and recommendations:

1. Results

- French initiative was suggest in the light of the regional difficult state  but it represents a glimmer of hope that must be invested in.

- The importance of the initiative to restore momentum to the Palestinian issue which was raised by Egypt's President Sisi's remarks when he called on the parties to work towards reviving the peace process.

- Arab states deal with an extreme and radical Israeli government and therefore Israel will not waiverunlessit is confronted with a threat. 

- The current situation of the region affect the current situation of the peace process.

-Israel moves in binary form, rather than collectively in the peace process and the US's role iscriticalto the peace process and we must coordinate our position with our allies, especially Russia and China.

2. Recommendations 

- The role of Egypt in regards to the Palestinian issue must remain active and thus it is imperative to act on the Palestinian issue parallel to the reconciliation process as well, however  we have succeeded in reaching advanced levels of reconciliation and this is a  role that solely Egypt can play.

- Egypt's representation in the Security Council for 2016-2017 continues to promote advancing the peace process.

-In his initiative, President Sisi called for Egypt's vision of the Palestinian issue to be comprehensive and integrated, including the mechanisms and principles of implementation. 

-We must not,  in the current period, discuss any change to the Arab peace initiative, we must first activated it  and lay down mechanisms for its marketing and implementation as is.

- It is imperative to activate and to mobilize the Israeli public opinion and not leave it to the extreme right.

- Continuing support of the French initiative in order to complete all stages regardless of  an Israeli refusal to support any other tracks with this initiative.

- The need to move towards Palestinian reconciliation and end the partition as soon as possible.

- Develop all alternatives in a practical and concise manner, develop mechanisms to implement said alternatives, and to rely on references for the resumption of negotiations.In addition, continuing the resistance and peaceful demonstrations until Israel is pressurized.

- The importance of the Palestinian Arab support, especially Egyptian support.

- The Palestinian issue should be the leading priority of the upcoming Arab summit in Mauritania. The summit should generate mechanisms to activate the Arab stance on the Palestinian issue.

- The importance of unifying the Arab position toward Israel and activating the Egyptian role in the face of some regional powers.

- Appoint a special envoy for the President to promote the initiative of President Sisi following the completion of its elements.



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