Thursday, August 16,  2018

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10th of April 2016 Dialogue with the Russian Ambassador in Cairo on Bilateral Relations and Regional Issues

The Egyptian Council for foreign affairs being always keen on following various sides of Egypt’s relations with pivotal countries that have influence in region’s this framework Ambassador of Russia in Cairo, Mr. Serge Karbacinko, was invited to deliver a lecture on the 10th of April 2016 under the title “The Present and Future of Russian-Egyptian Relations, and Moscow view on the state of the Middle Eastern region”. 

Ambassador Dr. Mounir Zahran and Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad, the executive director of the council, started the symposium by welcoming all attendants, and then surveyed cooperation between the two countries since the Era of the Soviet Union in terms of its approach to bilateral relations with Russia.

The Russian Ambassador touched on military cooperation between the two countries noting that it is running exceptionally. He also touched on the state of economic cooperation between the two countries especially recent projects such as establishing a Russian industrial zone, which is likely to be planned to be in the Suez Canal industrial area. The location of the project is still to be determined as well as the other projects under study.

Ambassador Abdel Raouf El Reedy signaled that the presentation of the Russian Ambassador was clear adding “I wish to present my view concerning the previous era which witnessed strong relations on a global level leading to the end of colonialism and the Soviet Union cooperation with Egypt in the UNGA resolution 1514 article 10. Currently, an important issue links us and that is the issue of combatting terrorism. Both states must cooperate to bring about its end. This intellectual chaos may lead to the possibility of utilizing weapons of mass destruction. We are not going to search for the reasons behind this extremism that does not belong to any religion. I simply want to stress that the two countries have succeeded in the past in defeating colonialism and therefore they must cooperate to deal with extremism.” 

Ambassador Ezzat Saad presented the role of Russia in the region crises especially the Syrian crisis and the Libyan issue as well as the coordination and consultation between Cairo and Moscow that occur with regards to these crises especially given their mutual framework for combatting terrorism.

Concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict, Ambassador Ezzat Saad expressed regression in this regard, though noting as well that it remains the primary issue on a national scale and that the two states exchange, on a regular basis their views in this regard.

. In his speech before the council members, Ambassador Karbacinko pointed at the momentum Russian-Egyptian gained after the 30th of June 2016 revolution and the election of President El Sisi. As well as economic cooperation and trade and the exchange of services configured through the movement of Russian tourists in Egypt. He also pointed to the agreement signed between the two countriest to establish a nuclear power plant to generate electricity in Egypt while noting that Egypt has received unprecedented financial aid from the Russian government to establish this plant. 

The Russian ambassador underlined that cooperation between the two states is strong, and that visits are regular and at the same time effective.

Other comments and inreventions came from Ambassador Nabil El Oraby and Dr. Amira Al Shanawany, and Ambassador Rakha Hassan; all treated various issues of bilateral relations and Moscow’s position regarding regional affairs and global issues. All attendants acknowledged the need to promote and develop further relations between the two countries on the basis of mutual interest. 




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