Wednesday, July 18,  2018

Visiting Delegation

Visit of the Delegation of the Chinese Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR)

The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs welcomed a delegation from the Chinese Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). The delegation was led by Dr. Niu Xinchun director of the Middle East Studies department in the CICIR and included Miss Sun Ran and Miss Li Yanan; researchers in the Middle East Studies department of the institute. The meeting took place in accordance with the CICIR wishes to learn the council's vision and evaluation of several  issues, in particular the impact of President Xi's visit to three nations in the Middle East, prospects for Egyptian-Chinese cooperation,  the current situation in the Middle East and the role of Chinese diplomacy. 

Ambassador Ezzat Saad pointed at the surge in the level of relations between the two countries after the 30th of June revolution of 2013 and how the economic ties are not up to the level compared to the level of the political ties. He stated that this could be improved by encouraging Chinese tourism in Egypt. He also stressed the importance of cultural, scientific, and educational cooperation. 

Ambassador Ali El Hefny emphasized that today the world faces terrorism that is very different than what we're used to, terrorism today constitutes armed militias and terrorist groups seeking to undermine the role of the state and acquiring vast territories of the country land. He stressed the great role played by the Egyptian army in fighting terrorism and maintaining Egypt's stability. 

Ambassador Hesham El-Zimaity explored ways through which the aspirations of the two presidents in regards to the bilateral relations could be achieved, especially with the fact that this year is the year of "China in Egypt and Egypt in China."