Thursday, August 16,  2018

Meetings & Seminars

A Meeting on the Developments of the Situation in the Iraqi Arena…Post ‘ISIS’

 In the context of the developments inside Iraq and the political and societal changes that have taken place in the past period, especially in the post ‘ISIS’ era, on 26th December 2017, the council organized a meeting with Dr. Mohamed Turki, the Arab affairs officer in the office of Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim, head of the coalition of the Iraqi National Alliance (Chairman of the parliamentary majority in the Iraqi Council of Representatives), accompanied by Mr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Ameed, Advisor to Dr. Mohammed, and journalist in the newspaper Al Watan, and the meeting was attended by the Chair and Director of the Council and a number of its members.

During the meeting, the following points were emphasized:

1.The depth of the strategic relations between Egypt and Iraq, and the need not to limit them to the diplomatic side only, but must be expanded to include all political, economic and cultural fields.

2.Intensify the effort and coordination (Egyptian-Iraqi) in order to restore the Arab decision to the point of moderation, and return it to its historic capitals (Cairo - Baghdad - Damascus).

3.Arab and Iraqi need for the Egyptian role as the pillar of the Arab tent, which is keen on Arab interest other than the other roles.

4.Emphasize the unity and independence of Iraq as a cohesive bloc, and reject all foreign interventions that seek to break up Arab countries.

5.Emphasize on the independence of the Iraqi decision and its non-dependence on any regional or international forces, foremost of which is Iran.

6.The need to address the problems of national minorities in the Arab countries through the establishment of an integrated human rights system that preserves the rights of all minorities regardless of their affiliations.

7.The necessity of opening up Iraq to its Arab environment and developing its relations with the Arab countries.

8.The need to address the situation of some of the military blocs, which was formed against the backdrop of the confrontation with the organization ‘ISIS’, similar to the ‘militias of the popular Shiite crowd’, as these blocs will have serious effects on the sectarian issue in the country.



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