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Press release on the visit of the delegation of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs to the Sudanese Council for Foreign Affairs Khartoum 9-12 / 10/2017

 A delegation from the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA) visited Khartoum in the framework of mutual visits between the two councils, from 9-12 / 10/2017.

The delegation of the Egyptian Council included ambassadors Dr. Ezzat Saad, Marwan Badr, Dr. Salah Halima, Dr. Mohamed Badr El Din. 

The delegation of the Sudanese Council included ambassadors. Yousef Fadl Ahmed, Ismail Ahmad Ismail, Dr. Suleiman Mohammed Mustafa, Dr. Ali Youssef, Osman Darar, and the delegation was honored by the of His Excellency Minister Al-Samani Al-Wasila.

  The joining program of the visit included a series of discussions between the delegations of the two councils, as well as the reception of ,the Sudanese Foreign H.E. Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour to the delegation, as well as an intellectual meeting with the Sudanese International People's Friendship Association.

All the meetings were held especially with His Excellency the Minister with openness, friendliness and transparency in addressing the issues discussed, which covered the political, economic, social and cultural fields.

ECFA's delegation expressed its congratulations to the Government and the people of Egypt on the decision to lift the economic sanctions, expressing hope for the lifting of the Sudan from the list of U.S. states sponsoring terrorism, the drop of debts and the overriding allegations of the International Criminal Court

The discussion in the political arena dealt with issues related to the activation of the four freedoms and the removal of obstacles that may be obstructed by the citizens of the two countries to exercise these freedoms without restrictions or detracting from each other while taking into account the security dimension of the political and economic dimensions while activating those freedoms. 

The two sides affirmed their supportive stance to combat terrorism and extremism and to cooperate jointly to achieve this goal.

The discussion touched on the Nile water file, which includes the developments of Al-Nahda Dam and the Entebbe Agreement. The meeting agreed on the importance of coordination and cooperation between the three countries in the tripartite declaration of principles conveying fill the Dam, in order to ensure its implementation in accordance with the agreements and the law of international rivers and the successful experiences of riparian states on an international river and to affirm that the fact that Egypt and Sudan are two estates requires the continuation of this consultation and close coordination to ensure the interests of its water security. 

On the issue of Halaib and Shalatin, and taking into account the positions of the two countries, it was agreed that the issue should be dealt with within the framework of the strategic document signed by the two heads of state and through the mechanisms emanating from it. The most prominent of which is the main mechanism within a framework of calm, so as not to affect the course of relations between the two countries in all fields.

 As for the developments in the Arab and African region and the hot issues, especially the Libyan issue, there was consensus on the need to uphold and preserve the unity and territorial integrity of States in the face of attempts of domination and domination imposed by regional and international forces,  and division of states,On the basis of ethnic, religious, sectarian and regional, with emphasis on the support of national institutions, especially military and political, and support the efforts of the United Nations to ensure that the neighboring countries in the case of Libya in the consistency and coordination among them a positive and constructive role in those settlements.

On the developments in the Arab region and in the Horn of Africa and the repercussions of the visit of US President Donald Trump to the Middle East ( Saudi Arabia and Israel), the discussion touched on the issue of security in the Red Sea, in connection with these developments, as it has become clear that the riparian states should pay great attention to this issue. Especially as the Red Sea region is witnessing an increase in the number of fixed and mobile bases from non-riparian states, in view of the growing threat of terrorist activities, piracy, trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking, increasing migration, refugees and displaced persons.

In the economic field, the importance of working on activating the work of the joint technical committees between the two countries on a regular basis, as well as by opening the horizons of investment, increasing the volume of trade exchange, facilitating banking and transport services and eliminating any obstacles, The two sides also stressed the importance of the two countries, through the public and private sectors, to participate in bilateral economic consultations in the interests of the two countries, as well as through major projects in the multi-frame that benefit the African continent and even outside the continent, Sustainable development and the possibility of reviving the trend towards economic integration experience between the two countries, with a call for the revival of the Nile Valley parliament.

In the cultural and social fields, the two sides stressed  on the necessity of speeding up the 2017 year of culture in both countries through the promotion of cultural activities and cultural, artistic and sports festivals, as well as the importance of promoting exchange and cooperation in the field of education and capacity-building. Between the two countries as in the past, through the relevant non-governmental and popular organizations of the two countries.

The two sides stressed on the importance of the implementation of the Media Charter of Honor to push for enhancing the role of the media in contributing to the growing relations between the two countries in all fields and bringing their peoples closer together.



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