Monday, September 24,  2018

Meetings & Seminars

A Joint Seminar on the Developments in Cuba and their Effects on its Relations with Egypt and the World

 On the 27th November 2016, the Council hosted a joint seminar in collaboration with the Cuban Egyptian Friendship Association titled “Developments in Cuba and their Effects on relations with Egypt and the World.” Several Central and South American Ambassadors participated including: the Ambassador of Cuba Laureano Rodriguez Castro, as well as the Ambassadors of Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, and Bolivia. In addition to the Chairman of Egyptian Cuban Friendship Association and member of the Council Kamal Gab-Allah and Ambassadors: Nehad Askalani, Abdel Fattah Ezz El Din and Ibrahim Khairat.

Director of the Council Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad inaugurated the Seminar, and Ambassador Dr. Hussein Hassouna, coordinator of the Permanent Committee of the Council for American Affairs, moderated the works of the Seminar.
At the outset, a minute of silence took place to honor the late leader Fidel Castro who died just one day before the inauguration of the Seminar. Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad welcomed the participants of the Seminar, emphasizing the importance of the Seminar and pointing at the great interest everyone is showing to get oriented with developments taking place in Cuba in general and in the domain of Cuba relations with the world and with Egypt which particularly goes back to 1958.

Ambassador Askalani talked about his memories in Cuba as the first Egyptian Ambassador in Havana. In his speech , the Cuban Ambassador elaborated on the political and economic reforms Cuba is undertaking as well as the principles upon which Cuban Foreign policy is based, namely the respect of International Law, rights of people for self- determination, rejection to all forms of terrorism and extremism, reinforcement of bilateral and multilateral cooperation on the basis of reciprocity and  mutual interest, emphasizing that altogether constitute the master framework for the strong relations that bind Cuba with the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

On Cuban Foreign relations, Mrs. Udith Camps Director of the section of relations with Africa and the Middle East at the Cuban Institute of “Friendship with the People” asserted that Cuba has strong relations based on friendship, cooperation and solidarity with the people struggling for freedom and independence. She added that Cuban American relations could witness positive changes providing that the United States lifts the economic and commercial embargo imposed on the Cuban people, and withdraws from the Eastern territories–in reference to the naval base in Guantanamo.

In the Last if Seminar the Ambassador Hussein Hassouna Moderator of the session, ensured the American – Cuban Relations very complex, and it may be become more complicity after Trump’s  and republic party win and in its relation with Cubans who resident in Flurida , In addition the uncertainty the Trump’s doctrine , stressed on the Economic interest with Cuba made the American Businessmen represent stress on the American administration.

He concluded to the importance  of develop the American – Arab relations especially with Egypt, in particular the economic interest and common principles of freedom ,independence and respect the will of the peoples.



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