Saturday, June 23,  2018

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Workshop on the Egyptian-Israeli Relations: The Present and the Future

On the 23rd of October 2016, the Council organized a workshop titled “The Egyptian Israeli Relations: The present and the future” in which the President and the Director of the Council participated as well as specialized expert members of the Council and several academics.

Discussions included the following topics:

-       A reading in the Egyptian Israeli Treaty… Speaker: General Mohamed Ibrahim Al Douery, member of the Council.

-       Challenges that confronted the Treaty and how they were dealt with…Mr. Sobhi Assila, chief Editor of “Mokhtarat Israeleya” Magazine.

-       The dilemma of normalization of the Egyptian Israeli relations… Dr. Gamal Yousef, member of the Council.

-       The present situation of the bilateral relations… Dr. Heba Gamal Al Din,  Professor of Political Science at Cairo University.

-       The Future of relations of the two countries… Ambassador Ihab Wahba, Coordinator of the Permanent Committee for Arab Affairs at the couunci.

The Workshop concluded several recommendations among which the following:

1.     The necessity of amending some of the articles of the Treaty, especially those regarding the security arrangements Annex, from a legal perspective.


2.     The necessity of maintaining the Egyptian Israeli Treaty especially that it is in the interest of both countries.


3.     The importance of adopting a common comprehensive Arab vision regarding dealing with Israel, especially in view of present developments.


4.     The importance of following the activities of Israeli Think Tanks, their publications , recommendations and the extent of their relevancy to Egyptian interest.


5.     The revision of the Quiz Agreement -in the light of the efforts to enlarge its scope- and increasing the Egyptian component while downsizing the present Israeli component which amounts to 10%.


6.     The Arab approach towards Israel should put into consideration Palestinian rights and interests, and invest these relations for the service of Palestinians through the establishment of the independent state of Palestine with full sovereignty with East Jerusalem as its Capital.