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Visiting Delegation

Visit of the Delegation of the US Air War College

On the 8th of March 2016, the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs welcomed a delegation from the US Air War College. The delegation included 18 students and was led by Colonel James Drape, the American Air attaché in Cairo. The meeting was attended by Ambassadors: Mounir Zahran, Mohamed Shaker, Ehab Wahba, Ezzat Saad, Wefaa Baseem, Azzmi Khalifa, and Generals: Mohamed Ibrahim El-Deweiry, Ahmed Abd El Halim, Hesham El Halaby.  

Ambassador Dr. Mounir Zahran chaired the meeting in which the American delegation asked to discuss several issues. These issues are:

the challenges that face Egypt internally and externally, security and stability in the region, economic challenges, combating terrorism, and women's role in society. The American delegation also highlighted the fact that Egypt is the only country they have visited so far. 

1) Egypt's role in the international effort against ISIS

2) Egypt's Vision as a Regional Power and its role in the Arab world

3) Egypt's concerns over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

4) Future steps after the completion of the Political roadmap

5) Egypt's relationship with the U.S., how it was affected by the revolution and the suspension of military funding in 2014 and where it will go in the future

6) Current relationship with Israel and Egypt's role in resolving the Palestinian question

Ambassador Mounir Zahran emphasized that the council's members are willing to explain and analyze the American delegation's proposed topics for discussion. He talked about the bilateral relations between the two countries, especially the economic ties that contribute to the increase in foreign investment in Egypt. He stressed that Egypt is facing a huge challenge in the fight against terrorism through its temporary seat in the UN Security Council. 

Ambassador Ezzat Saad explained the internal challenges that Egypt is facing recently which the American delegation asked about. He stated that the Egyptian counterpart is willing to know the American vision about the region and the future of the US Presidential election. 

At the end of the discussion meeting, Colonel James Drape awarded ECFA the shield of the US Air War Collage of year 2016. In return, Ambassador Dr. Mounir Zahran handed the US Air attaché a book on the history of Egypt since 1800.



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