Monday, September 24,  2018


Application for membership and submission of CVs by those who see themselves as capable and competent to contribute to ECFA work and activities. Applications shall be submitted to the ECFA Membership Committee, which makes recommendations on the admission of a member to ECFA Board of Directors for consideration and adoption. Membership becomes effective on the date the Board approves the recommendation of the Membership Committee. There are two types of membership, either as an individual or a corporate. Honorary membership is granted to prominent figures who have contributed significantly to foreign affairs. Membership is exclusively for Egyptians.                      

When membership of the Council is approved, a member is free to choose to join any of the ECFA 13 standing committees for his or her primary membership and select another as standby according to one's specialization, competence and prospective contribution to ECFA's diverse activities. Apart from ECFA standing committees, there are working groups for examining specific issues.