Monday, September 24,  2018

About us

The mission of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA) is to reach an objective in-depth understanding of foreign issues at the regional and international levels, in order to serve Egypt's national strategic, economic and political interests. For this end, ECFA  draws on the thought and experience of both its members - with their diverse specialties, varied experiences and close touch with public affairs - and Egyptian and foreign public figures and experts it invites to Egypt's foreign policy has always enabled it to interact with the region and the world. Over the last seven decades, Egypt's foreign policy circles have expanded and deepened, its active effective roles increased in regional and global issues, particularly during the last two decades. Cairo's foreign policy has come to include creating a regional and international environment conducive to achieving and providing the domestic requirements for accelerating the achievement of economic recovery and social development.

However, the international landscape witnessing profound changes in the nature of the world order and power relations, concomitant with the shift in the world economic order, in the dimensions which the information and communications revolution have taken and the emergence of the role of the cultural factor in international relations, especially in the surge in the nineties of ethnicities and nationalities that may lead to the disappearance of states and the emergence of other countries. In a nutshell all this is impacting foreign policy and adding to the burden of comprehension, analysis and practice.

In light of the changes and concomitant challenges facing the Egyptian foreign policy there emerged the need for an Egyptian platform that represents the perception of the Egyptian civil society of these variables, and contributes, through its expertise, to the discussion of issues and to raising public awareness by providing pertinent ideas and initiatives. The need is also for a platform through which Egyptian figures and foreign visitors to Egypt can speak, meet with representatives of Egyptian civil society and engage in dialogue on various issues and bilateral relations between their respective countries and organizations and network and cooperate with similar centers and institutions interested in foreign policy abroad.

Those were the goals that brought together an elite group interested in foreign policy .It has diverse professional backgrounds, as it includes diplomats, academics, military personnel, businessmen, writers and public figures.