Saturday, June 23,  2018

The mission of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA) is to reach an objective in-depth understanding of foreign issues at the regional and international levels, in order to serve Egypt's national strategic, economic and political interests. For this end, ECFA  draws on the thought and experience of both its members - with their diverse specialties, varied experiences and close touch with public affairs - and Egyptian and foreign public figures and experts it invites to Egypt's foreign policy has always enabled it to interact with the region and the world. 

ECFA Objectives
In order to achieve its mission, the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs aims to:1.Enrich and deepen public debate in Egypt about foreign issues and problems associated with them, especially the latest ones, shed light on their relation with issues of national interest to Egypt and their mutual impact. This is reflected in ECFA  conferences, seminars, round tables, members' general meetings, groups specialized or interested in the issues under discussion such as the Middle East crises, the phenomenon of terrorism, prospects of the Middle East peace process and Egypt's relations with foreign powers like the United States, Europe, Russia, China, Africa and Latin America. The discussions culminate in working papers or statements expressing ECFA's views in this respect, or in papers dealing with various issues such as latest developments in the region, the Syrian crisis, the situations in Libya...   More